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Long Island Marine Surveyors Inc. conducts surveys on wood fiberglass, aluminum, and steel yachts, which can be performed under water, at dockside, or in dry dock. Our company is certified to perform pre-purchase and finance surveys, insurance appraisals, full condition and valuation surveys, maritime consulting and osmosis analysis. We inspect all vessels for compliance with the standards of the National Fire Protection Association, The American Boat and Yacht Council and The United States Coast Guard. Long Island Marine Surveyors in not associated with any boat yard, marina, yacht broker or insurance company but is a completely independent company. We cover the Long Island and lower New York area.

Our methods usually include some or all of the following:

1. Osmosis testing by use of annulus and central electrodes using radio frequency principles to penetrate fiberglass hulls. Testing for fiberglass blistering, de-lamination and glass reinforced plastic whickering. Fiberglass vessels may have structural problems associated with blistering below the waterline or delaminating from its decks core material. These are often expensive repairs that are not visually detectable during their early stages.

2. Polarity testing of AC circuitry inside a vessel, including inspection of a vessel electrical AC and DC systems.

3. Hydrostatic testing of a vessel fresh water cooling system to indicate any leakage of the system internal or external.

4. Laboratory oil analysis of wear metals to detect abnormal component wear and dirt entry. Viscosity test indicating the flow ability of the oil, extreme oxidation or contamination. Solid testing to determine the percent of fuel soot, carbon residue, improper function of air intake system and drain intervals. Water presence in oil. Fuel dilution; the percentage of unburned fuel present in oil. While these test are not required by most insurance companies they provide extensive data to the owner of a vessel.

5. Compression testing of gasoline engines are also done.

5. Pressurized testing of the stern drive unit to indicate possible leakage of its internal seals or damage to its gears.

6. Visual inspection of electrical, plumbing, rigging, mechanical, propulsion systems, safety systems, fuel system, fire suppression systems, construction and related components. Each of these systems are examined and transcribed in the body of the survey.

7. Sea trial of the vessel to test the vessels handling, engines, performance, maneuverability, and seaworthiness.

8. Inspection of a vessels underwater machinery and all underwater components of the vessel while the vessel is hauled.

9. An estimate of what repairs will be needed and what costs will be incurred in repairing the vessel. We recommend that our "Recommendation Pages" be brought to a your marine mechanic or broker to obtain an exact cost of repairs, the cost of marine repairs do vary.

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Surveyors Personal History:

Presently Long Island Marine Surveyor has two Principle surveyors.

Our surveyors possess the following qualifications

Membership is maintained in:


The United States Surveyors Association USSA

The American Boat and Yacht Council. ABYC

The National Fire Protection Association. NFPA

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers SNAME

Fire Marshals Association of North America. FMANA

We specialize in loss adjusting, appraisals, fuel systems, fire suppression systems and fire damage surveys, L.P.G. cooking appliances, explosion proof engine compartment components and general safety aboard a vessel. In addition to the above Long Island Marine Surveyor has adjusted over 1600 boat losses for State Farm Insurance Company in over 15 years. We have in the past been consultants for Hartford Insurance, Firemen Fund, Key Bank, and The Resolution & Trust Company.

All surveys performed by us are in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association, The American Boat and Yacht Council and the United States Coast Guard Standards. Long Island Marine Surveyor Inc. is not associated with any boat yard, marina, yacht broker or insurance company, but is a completely independent company.





Our Mission

To provide the most comprehensive, complete, accurate and professional marine survey.


Company Profile

We are a group of three professional surveyors working in marine surveying for over 23 years.


Contact Information

Please contact us below at any of the available numbers and we will return you inquiry within 24 hours.

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PO Box 542 Sayville, NY 11782
Electronic mail
General Information: neboaters@aol.com
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Webmaster: neboaters@aol.com

Please contact us directly at neboaters@aol.com we would be happy to assist you in answering any questions that you may have.


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